Local Motorcycle Group Donates to Kid’s Patch Club

Kid’s Patch Club receives surprise donation

DABD¬†would like to extend a massive thank-you to the Paulo Da Silva and his partner Maria, as well as the motorcycle club Motards Lusitanos. Who this week gave our Ley’s Kid’s Patch Club a massive donation of food, toys and activities for the children to use!

Donations like this go a long way to helping our Kid’s Patch clubs run. For more information on Kid’s Patch Club,¬†click here.

Pualo Da Silva, Presidente of Motards Lusitanos , with his partner Maria

“We are a local Portuguese motorcycle group within our community and local residents every year we organize or participate in charity events, raising funds to help other organizations close to us. On our last event we raise some money to buy whatever we could for your club as our own son goes there and he so much enjoys the time he spend there! We hope that our small donations have made a difference.”

Paulo Da Silva, Presidente of Motards Lusitanos

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